Up to 15% discounts!
Purchases above RM150 are entitled for 

Dear girls,
Abraqedabra is having a YES - Year End Sale
in conjunction with Christmas and New Year's!
Most of the items on sale are last pieces,
and we're letting them go cheapcheapcheap bebbeh!
Prices start from as low as RM24, so what are you waiting for?!?
Hurry as the sales will be ending on 31 Dec 09 at 5pm.

Rules of Y-E-S

1. Sale discounts are applicable on all items, except for new arrivals.

2. All selected items are given 10% discount throughout our YES.

3. Additional 5% discount on each item applicable, provided full payment within 24 hours of placing order.

4. The YES runs on a first pay first get policy, so be quick!

5. There will be no reservation allowed in order to be fair to other buyers.

6. Free postage entitled for purchases above RM150. Yes, you can mix items on sale with new arrivals.

7. Lastly, just enjoy shopping with us! It's shopping spree time, ladies! :)

8. Email us at abraqedabra@hotmail.com for any inquiries or purchases.

Check out the items on sale. All last pieces up for grabs!!

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