Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Hello loves, sorry for the long hiatus. =(
But fret not, for we will be back with more goodies soon!

For now, do visit our sister site,  Bombshell Bells.
They have awesome bags that you'd definitely want.
Here are a few of the many bags waiting for you:


Designer inspired, studded, totes, and so much more! Awesome, no? Do head over there, and you won't regret it! All bags are pre-order bags from overseas. Get your bag that shouts your style today! =)

Till we're back, take care & miss us more! =D

Daph & Steph


Thanks! :)


Mini Update

New colours brought in for Chic Laced Chiquitita
- Bright Pink and Sunny Yellow!

Bright Pink

Sunny yellow

All pictures true to colours of top.
Grab them before they're gone!

Available in:
Pink (Sold out!)
White (Sold out!)
Red (Sold out!)
Blue (Last piece!)
Yellow (Last piece!)

Material: Stretchable cotton, good quality
Size: Free (fits till UK10 best)

RM30 only


Thank You Fashionista 1001 !



Muchos Gracias!


Thank you for featuring us in your blogs!
We appreciate it very very much. =))
Lots of lovelovelove! <3

Daph & Steph


Lady of The Bejewelled

Every girl dreams of being a princess, with diamonds on her. Diamonds - A girl's best friend. You don't have to dream no more, because you naturally are a princess, and what would be better than to look like one as well? This perfect dress awaits you. =)

Angel White

Gracious Grey

Grunge Green

Bold Black

Detailed bejewelled bustier

Flared tutu-like skirt for that princessy feeling!

Stretchable back

This lady princess spells ladylike and gentleness,
but can also be a look of the princess of punks!
A gorgeous tube dress for your prom night or that party of the year!
Comes with detachable straps, which means you can wear it as a tube dress or attach the straps to make it a spaghetti and wear it.

Available in:
White (Sold out!)
Black (Sold out!)
Grey (Last piece!)
Green (Last piece!)

Size: Free (fits UK6-12 best)

RM69 only

Venomous Vipera

Sexy Black

Bobby Brown

Sexy bustier with front zipper

Stretchable back

Chilli Red

This dress definitely screams SMOKIN' HAWT!
Perfect for a night out at a club, and a definite head turner!
It enchances and shows off your sexy curves too.
A must have in your closet!

Available in:
Red (Last piece!)
Black (Last piece!)
Brown (All gone!)

Material: Stretchable PVC-leather
*Clincher not included*
Size: Free (XS-M best)

RM60 only

Sophisticated Sexy

Thank you girls! :)

Stunning black body contour dress with puffed shoulders

Sexy open-back laced

Pair it with gold bangles and killer heels for a dinner date!

Available in:
Black (Sold Out!)

Material: Lycra, stretchable
Comes with inner lining
Size: One size only (Fits XS-M best)

RM56 only

Mini Studded Warrior

Thank you girls! :)

High street fashion meets rock n' roll in this cool mini studded dress.
Match it with gladiator heels and you'll rock the dress!



Back of the dress - with zipper
(similar to back of Bubblish Studded dress below)



Available in:
Black (Sold out!)
Blue (Sold out!)
Grey (Sold out!)

Material: Thick cotton, very good quality
Size: One size (XS-M best)

RM58 only
RM49 only
(payment within 24 hours)

Bubblish Studded Dress

Blazing Blue


Booming Black


Purple Power

True colour

Dresses embedded with tetris-like studs with trapezium like collar

Slightly bubbly at the waist

Pockets on both sides

Zipped back

Available in:
Black (Sold out!)
Purple (Sold out!)
Blue (Last piece!)

Material: Thick cotton, superb quality
Comes with inner lining as well
Size: One size (fits XS-M best)

RM58 only