Up to 15% discounts!
Purchases above RM150 are entitled for 

Dear girls,
Abraqedabra is having a YES - Year End Sale
in conjunction with Christmas and New Year's!
Most of the items on sale are last pieces,
and we're letting them go cheapcheapcheap bebbeh!
Prices start from as low as RM24, so what are you waiting for?!?
Hurry as the sales will be ending on 31 Dec 09 at 5pm.

Rules of Y-E-S

1. Sale discounts are applicable on all items, except for new arrivals.

2. All selected items are given 10% discount throughout our YES.

3. Additional 5% discount on each item applicable, provided full payment within 24 hours of placing order.

4. The YES runs on a first pay first get policy, so be quick!

5. There will be no reservation allowed in order to be fair to other buyers.

6. Free postage entitled for purchases above RM150. Yes, you can mix items on sale with new arrivals.

7. Lastly, just enjoy shopping with us! It's shopping spree time, ladies! :)

8. Email us at abraqedabra@hotmail.com for any inquiries or purchases.

Check out the items on sale. All last pieces up for grabs!!


Thank you, The Luxurious Fashionista!

Thank you Semplicementea Amore!

Thank you Style2.Info! :)


Thank you Kooki Club!



Tis' the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, la la la la~
Let us cherish life and love all around us,
and show appreciation by giving more than receiving.
Have a great weekend, and don't forget us! :)

Daph & Steph



Hey lovelies!

We've finished updating our third batch of dresses and accessories, so do check them out kay? The usual rule applies, where reservation is only allowed for 1 day as we want to be fair to all interested buyers.

Just drop us an email at abraqedabra@hotmail.com if you see something you want. All items were personally handpicked for your shopping pleasure. (:

We will be having a sale too, so stay tuned tomorrow night for the sales update aights. Enjoy shopping and grab these limited pieces of maxi dresses and mirrors before they're gone!

Daph & Steph

Pocketful of Sunshine

Thank you girls! :)

Orange Tango

Yellow Mallow

Pink Marshmellow

Blue Crush

Cool Grey

This is the awesome maxi dress!
Limited pieces only, and made of very good quality.
Funky bright colours makes this dress a total showstopper.
Colours on the dress are toned, as you can see.
Smocked back shows of your curves. Enchantingly beautiful.

Length: 117cm
Material: Very good quality lycra
Size: Free (fits UK6 up to UK12)

Available in:
Yellow Mallow (Sold out!)
Blue Crush (Sold out!)
Orange Tango (Sold out!)
Pink Marshmellow (Sold out!)
Cool Grey (Sold out!)

Yours at RM69 only


Dance Balailo

Do not be afraid of wearing purple and looking like a walking brinjal anymore! A gorgeous dress this is, as you can see. Wear it to dinner, wear it on a sunny day out. The colour and motifs on the dress makes it look 'batik-ish'. Tie it as a halter dress, or turn it into a tube dress.

Material: Lycra
Length: 73cm
Size: Free (fits UK6 up to UK12)

Available in:
Purple (Only 2 pieces in hand!)

Yours at RM59 only

Take Me Away

Simple maxi with hibiscus floral prints.
Deep V-neck halter maxi dress with smocked back.
Floral never looked so sexy!

Material: Cotton
Length: 107cm
Size: Free (fits UK6 up to UK12)

Available in:
White (Last piece!)

Yours at RM50 only

Wooden Vintage Bag



Vintage Mini Bag made of wood
Very unique and classy

Available in;
Love Letters

Measurements ;
Length : 16 cm
Width : 14 cm

Yours at RM 45 only

Vintage Reflection

The lovely lady in the mirror.
This table mirror is one of a kind, and not to mention very vintage.
Absolutely classy, the pictures speaks for itself.
Limited pieces only, so get yours now!

Yours at only RM50 only

Makeup Boxes @ Bags

Beauty Balloons

Pink Blossom


Every girl needs a makeup box to organize the ever growing amount of cosmetics! Why not get this handy makeup boxes with beautiful pinkish interior and build in mirror?

Available in ;
Beauty Balloons
Pink Blossom

Length : 16 cm
Width :  21.5 cm
Thickness : 7 cm

Yours at RM49 only

Mirror Maze

The Purple Fan

Love Story

Strawberry Punch

Flower Colour

Choux Pastry Heart

Aren't these mirrors pretty?
Classy, vintage, feminine and affordable all at the same time.
Handy and oh-so-lovely. Every girl needs a mirror like this.
Makes a nice gift for Christmas and New Year's too!

Available in:
The Purple Fan (Last piece!)
Love Story (Gone!)
Strawberry Punch (Gone!)
Flower Colour (Gone!)
Choux Pastry Heart (Gone!)

Yours at only RM13 each.